Kindergarten Readiness

Our Kindergarten Readiness curriculum emphasizes academic preparedness. Students are introduced to academic concepts in the core domains of literacy, mathematics, scientific thinking, creative arts and social studies. In addition, we encourage growth in the areas of positive self-concept, emotional expression, complex problem solving and healthy interactions with adults and peers.

“Kannon loves going to Sunshine. His demeanor about learning has changed drastically since he started there. I could not get him to do anything in regards to learning at home. Now he wants to write and count all the time. I have to tell him how to spell everything and he repeats it to me. He was there less than two months and was writing his name and recognizing his letters. So very proud of him. Huge thanks to Miss Rochelle and her aides in the Pre-K class. You do an amazing job. I no longer have any worries whether he will be ready for kindergarten in the fall.”